Costa Rei and Castiadas: things to do, places to see, the best beaches

A complete guide for your holiday in Costa Rei


Costa Rei, situated between Castiadas and Muravera in Sardinia, is one of the best holiday destinations for those who love clear sea, endless sandy beaches and unspoilt natural surroundings.

In summer, Costa Rei transforms into a holiday village, offering holidaymakers everything that they need for an unforgettable stay. The population of Costa Rei is made up mostly of tourists who rent houses, villas or apartments for the summer.

Restaurants, nightclubs, beach bars, shops, supermarkets and small shops selling traditional Sardinian products.

For sports lovers, Costa Rei offers the chance to participate in many sporting activities: windsurfing, kite surfing, horseback riding and horse trails, quadbike rental, hiking trails to local areas of interest, and, last but not least, boat trips.

Clear sea, sandy beaches, all of the services that a family could dream of for their holiday! But Costa Rei is not only for families: it is also the perfect destination for young and single people on holiday in Sardinia.

There is no shortage of nightclubs, bras, beach bars, and bonfire beach parties in Costa Rei. For the more demanding tourists, you can also spend a few evenings in Villasimius, just half and hour’s drive away.


Hikes and trails

For those who love nature and bird-watching, there is a hike to the Colostrai lagoon where you will be able to observe the pink flamingos: a natural oasis not far from the beach that is of great value to the local community and an important resource for the local fishing industry.

For fans of archaeology, in Piscina Rei you will find a fascinating megalithic complex of menhirs from the pre-Nuragic period in the countryside of Nuraghe Is Scalas and Cuili Piras.

This is one of the most impressive megalithic complexes, thought to originate from ancient astronomical-religious Druidic rituals associated with agriculture, just like similar megalithic cultures throughout Europe.



The Costa Rei beach is a wide expanse of sand that stretches over more than 8 km: a paradise for those who love sun tanning, clear seas, and fine sand. The beach is easy to reach from all of the apartments in various locations and at varying distances from the sea.

Costa Rei stretches from Punta de Is Cappucinus to Capo Ferrato, bordering on the regions of Muravera and Castiadas. The vegetation is typically Mediterranean, as in the rest of Sardinia, made up of Junipers, holm oaks, Arbutus Unedo (Strawberry Tree), and shrubs from which it is possible to pick blackberries at the end of summer.

The area is perfect for those who love long sandy beaches, with various beaches to visit such as Cala Sinzias, Sant’Elmo, Santa Giusta, Monte Nai, Piscina Rei, Capo Ferrato, Cala Pira, Monte Turno, San Pietro, Cala Marina, Cala Sinzias and Villa Rey.


Boat trips

It is possible to organise various boat trips from Costa Rei to visit the coastline, the islands, and a few destinations that can only be reached by sea.

The Marine Protected Areas of Villasimius, Serpentara Island, La Baia delle Anfore, the CIcala shoal, and the Murtas beach, are among the various excursions available in Costa Rei.